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07-13-2005, 06:46 PM
We have a very structured chain of command and we expect people to follow it to the letter in all cases.

We are a Merit based guild. The more you do and the better you do it, the more dedication you show, the faster you will be promoted.

Our ranks are structured in such a way as to give recognition to members who stand out above the rest or who have proven their dedication to the guild day in and day out without whining, moaning, crying, or otherwise being more of a liability than an asset.

Applicants will have their avatar title modified to applicant until such a time as they are accepted, at which point you become an initiate.

Once you are an initiate you are a member of the guild, but on a probationary trial basis. Your performance in-game, your presence in Ventrilo, and you participation on these forums will decide when you become a full member.

Members become Veterans once they have proven their loyalty to the guild through performance and dedication, and are worthy of being a proud representative of the Ghosts of War in all they do.

A Veteran who has proven himself in battle and in helping guild members and who is willing to accept the responsibility, will be eligible for promotion to Officer when a position becomes open. Officers are battle commanders, group leaders, and other members who have proven their ability to coordinate and lead in any situation.

Officers who do their best for the guild can, in some cases, be eligible for promotion to the Inner Council for the game they are participating in. The Inner Council are the guild's leaders, the guys that try to make the game fun for everyone below them while making us a winning team and improving our performance as a Guild. Inner Council members have taken on alot of responsibility for the members of their division, and should be treated as such.

In the event that a Division Leader steps down or is removed, a sitting Inner Council member can take his or her place as the Guild Leader for that particular game, with all the responsibilities inherent therein. It is not a job to be taken lightly, or for people who are power hungry.

The Division Leader, The Inner Council, and the Officers of any division are responsible for the performance and conduct of GoW members in whatever game they happen to play. It is there job to enforce the tenets of the Nation and to use their judgement wisely on all matters that effect the Ghosts of War.

The Elder Council exists for that reason. These are the founding members of the guild that have been together since the beginning, on the War Server of Shadowbane, and it is their job to make sure the Nation in all its divisions stays on course. They hold no official rank unless they have taken up the role of an Officer, IC, or DL for the particular game they play. They serve as an oversight commitee to make sure we stay true to our cause.

As a member of GoW, you can play any game you wish that we play under the GoW tags. Officers, IC, and DL's are expected to play ONLY the game they are a Ranked Member in, or at least to spend 90% of their play time in that game, since the success of the game depends on the performance of the leadership in addition to the merit of its members.

People participating in a closed beta with a beta account are expected to make that particular game their primary home, since the responsibility of feedback to the dev's and learning everything we can to prep for release is paramount.

12-02-2005, 03:59 PM
To spell it out for the reading impaired......

Guild Leader.

Elder Council
War Server survivors & progenitors of the Ghosts of War.
No "official" rank, but serve as an advisory board to maintain the course and purpose of the Guild in all Divisions. The heart & conscience of GoW.
Division Leaders can be called into question or sanctioned by the Elder Council on a 2/3 vote.

Inner Council
Upper management of GoW. Make day to day policy decisions and lead the guild to success and prosperity. Also serve to make political connections and negotiations.

-Division Leader
Guild Leader for a particular game division. Makes main policy decisions and enforces guild rules from the top down. Lead by Example.

-High Commander
Inner Council members that are not Division Leaders but can make policy decisions, enforce rules, and talk policy & politics to help the Division Leader.

Commissioned Officers that can lead raids, organize groups, enforce guild rules & policy and participate in guild policy decisions and enforcement. Also may recruit new members in game.

One step below IC membership, Commanders have proven their worthyness to lead assault groups and defense groups in combat, along with proficiency in combat strategy and execution. Also a capable personell leadership position & motivator.

Commissioned Officers who have proven their loyalty and value to the guild through their actions and participation, and whom are capable combatants and skilled team coordinators.

Full Members of the guild who have shown loyalty, proficiency, and combat discipline for an extended period of time in the guild. Non-Commissioned Officers who step up when called on or volunteer for duty where they are needed.

Non-Commissioned Officer one step below Officer, in charge of group formation & organization for XP, farming, or other non-combat duty, unless no one else is available. Position of sharpening skills for future combat leadership & organization.

Lowest level of command staff, but vital in the role of day to day duty and an example of what it means to be GoW. Proven combat veterans and the stormtroopers of the guild.

Full members of GoW. Have all the rights and privelages of membership, along with the responsibilites of complete understanding of what it is to be GoW, our rules, and our policies.

Stand-up members of GoW that have shown promise and are on their way to non-com positions within the guild.

Full members of GoW who have passed on from Initiate to loyal soldier in the fight against our opponents.

GoW Recruits accepted into the guild by recommendation or application. On the learning curve, learning the ropes, rules, and what it means to be GoW. Proving yourself thru conduct, you will move on to bigger and better things, like full membership. A basic probationary period.