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07-14-2005, 04:08 PM
March 2003 - Shadowbane goes to public release

March 2003 - Defenders of Mithril Hall (DoMH) founded on the War server.

Spring 2003 - DoMH re-tags as The Commonwealth (TCW) after DHL pounds the snot out of the noobie nation.

Summer 2003 - TCW becomes embroiled in a war with the Purity Council (PC) Server wide fights begin to break out as Blood and Iron (B&I) begins forming its alliances of "anti-RPK". TCW fights against PC and DHL on the side of B&I.

Summer 2003 - TCW changes to the Weavers of Fate (WoF). At this point the "core" of GoW is together and tightly knit.

Summer 2003 - Unbound is formed and subbed to WoF, its parent nation.

Summer 2003 - Black Mass is formed and subs to WoF, its parent nation.

Fall 2003 - B&I betrays WoF and tears down their capitol for not joining the crusade against the Fallen Angels (TFA).

Fall 2003 - Word of a new server spreads around all the Shadowbane servers (Corruption). WoF members wait out the 2 months doing other things, hardly playing War server at all.

Fall 2003 - War Server is essentially dead at this point, and WoF leave as soon as Corruption launches.

October 30, 2003 - Corruption server goes live! The Ghosts of War are born. The name was based on the home where the founders came together for the first time. Rulesets for this server increase the games worst points, less XP, less gold, and so many people the lag and server pop is unreal. A Majority of guilds quit SB for other things within weeks.

Winter 2003 - So many people complain about Corruptions rulesets Ubisoft creates another new server in its image but without the bad rules, Vengeance.

Spring 2004 - Ubisoft begins closing down servers and migrating characters due to low population on all but the newest servers.

Spring 2004 - Ubisoft releases the Catyclysm server! GoW moves there and starts to become a PvP-centric force.

Spring 2004 - GoW teams with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in fighting TFA!

Spring 2004 - RoC (Rise of Chaos) expansion for Sb is announced! Closed betatesting begins!

Spring 2004 - Entropy server is announced! GoW begins plans to make a permanent home on this server when it comes out.

Spring 2004 - Entropy is released! A new map allowing total domination of one island with only 4 cities. GoW plants Praxeum first on this island and is the 5th city planted on the server. GoW becomes established as an early power on Entropy along with WMD, B&I, DW (now defunct), Eutopia (now defunct) and War Pigs (now defunct).

Spring 2004 - 2 days after the capitol is planted, the other 3 trees are planted and the runegate city becomes designated as War College, the trainer city.

Spring 2004 - Goros implements the city desgins of both Praxeum and War College, and with the help of everyone in the guild both cities are completed within weeks, with upgrades still going on.

Spring 2004 - B&I is demolished by WMD in an overnight bane. GoW burns down Eutopia for lying to us. Draconic Warlords (DW) is burned down for smack talk by a collection of forces. Knights of Ashfell (KoA) are baned for tearing down our houses near the runegate.

Summer 2004 - GoW becomes one of the premier powers on the server. GoW and War Pigs (WP) go "full alliance". Blue dot policy is strictly enforced.

Summer 2004 - Anger Management rejoins GoW and shortly after Deaths Advocates (DA) subs to GoW. Secret Agents (SA) (formerly MoD) also subs to GoW.

Summer 2004 - GoW becomes embroiled in a war with the Ministry of Chaos (MoC).

Fall 2004 - Ubisoft releases closed beta of ToO (Throne of Oblivion). Members from all guilds on Entropy participate in joint effort to bide the time until WoW beta comes out.

Fall 2004 - Guild ranking structure is changed and the Elder Council is formed to help keep GoW on track by following and enforcing its founding ideals.

Fall 2004 - GoW Joins WMD on World of Warcraft open beta & stresstest.

Fall 2004 - WoW is released to the public, GoW members teamed with WMD form a major Alliance force on the Archimonde Server.

Spring 2005 - Guildwars is released!

Summer 2005 - GoW activates a full division to support Guildwars while hoping for a game with full open PvP to come out.

Summer 2005 - Darkfall beta is announced! (in 2009 it turns out to be a flop)

Summer 2005 - New SB server is released and several old friends and guildmembers go back for one last hurrah before Darkfall replaces SB.

Fall 2005 - GoW begins assembling a division structure for Darkfall in preparation for a full move to DFO upon release. GoW closes down official sponsorship of GW division in favor of a game that is fully open PvP. SWG is also dropped as a test division.

Fall 2005 - GoW Receives Darkfall Online Clan Beta Invitation.

Fall 2005 - WMD ends WoW division, members come back with a bad taste in their mouths from WMD's internal politics issues.

Winter 2005 - Several GoW members get into the Settlers of Ganareth game and try it out for something to do. It's crap.

Spring 2006 - Shadowbane becomes free and some of us jump back into the hell that is SB.

Summer 2006 - GoW breaks out and begins a solo run on the mourning server with the help of the Sicarii to bulk our numbers up. Good times.

Summer 2006 - GoW's WoW division kicks into full swing as GoW goes solo into the world of Archimonde free from TFK.

Spring 2007 - Several members get closed beta invites for Warhammer Online

Fall 2007 - Things seem pretty slow in the gaming world - DFO seems to be vaporware that is a long ways off, and new games with pvp content loom in the distance, but don't show much promise.

Summer 2008 - Age of Conan is released. Waste of time, GoW gives it up as a whole after a month, give or take.

Winter 2008 - WotLK is released, and GoW Archimonde sees a surge in members returning to play as well as drastic improvements in PvP in WoW with the addition of new BG's and Wintergrasp. Heroic 10 man LK raids earn the G team their achievement mount.

January 2009 - DFO Beta invites arrive, GoW's 20 slots are filled within hours of receiving the email. Invites seem to be trickling out slowly, with less than half the signed up membership getting NDA's in the first week, then again 2 weeks later, and again 2 weeks after that. This game turns out to be a floptastic waste of time.

December 2010 - WoW's Cataclysm expansion burns some massive bridges and a majority of the membership there stops playing completely and goes on to other things.

March 2011 - RIFT is released and GoW hits it hard for a few months before deciding there are brighter things on the horizon

December 2011 - SW:TOR releases, 20+ Members killing it without recruiting.

Feb 2014 - SW:TOR releases Galactic Starfighter, bringing back a number of members to playing actively..for a while. Huttball is still amazing.

April 2014 - Archeage Alpha begins for Founders Archeum Pack owners

June 2014 - Archeage Closed Beta events begin

Sept 2014 - Archeage Open Beta starts

Sept 2014 - Archeage Early Access starts 9/12