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10-21-2005, 04:41 PM
GoW's political policy is simple.

Our land is our land. If you're on our land, you're a threat to the saftey and success of the guilds members and well being, and you are a target. We will on occassion agree to work with someone towards a goal or agree not to attack a particular guild for whatever reason, but we are happiest when we can attack and kill our friends, allies, and enemies with equal abandon.

We will loot you, we will attack unprovoked, but we don't normally go roaming the countryside looking for fights with people we don't know and have no grudge with. If we know you and fight you alot, you're open game.

We PK our friends some and our enemies more, and enough PK guilds know us and we are of like mind on almost everything. We can PK and loot each other and raid each others towns when we want some action, but its more PvP and GvG practice for both sides than it is a delcaration of war.

We aren't really bad guys, and we're the best allies you can have if you treat us the same way.

If you have a guildmember that steals from us or pks us, your whole guild is a target. The actions of one member reflect on the whole of the guild he belongs to, so if you have an idiot, and he attacks us, expect us to roll you when we see you or make you open game for our PK groups. Don't come crying when you get rolled with tells of "WHY!?!?11" or "WTF!!!!11"

We follow the rule of "If you wear the tags, you wear a target." We honor that with our membership, and we expect everyone else to also. Don't come crying to us because one of your people PK'd one of ours and we start PKing every group of your guild we can find. We expect people to come for us when we start something, and we won't throw someone out of our guild for getting us into a fight (except under VERY strange circuimstances, and I can't think of any right now).

If you want to negotiate anything with us, you can contact us here on the boards in the diplomatic forums or contact an IC in game. Don't talk to a recruit or a member and expect what you talk about to carry any weight.

We won't even show up to a seige that isn't ours unless it's to even it up. If it's 3 guilds against one yeah we'll come to even it up, but if its even or our pals outnumber the target, unless we really really hate that target, we won't show. If we have friends on both sides of the fight our decision will be based on how our friends will react to us being on one side or another. If they get all carebear and want to bring the fight to us because we stepped in and helped one side over another, we probably won't participate.

If you or your membership talks smack and sends hate tells after or during combat, expect us to target you and roll you twice as much. We DEMAND maturity from our membership, we expect it from everyone else, and it dissapoints us greatly when there is a distinct lack from the competition.

As for the other political stuff, GoW is up-front about all our policies on whatever political forum we are using for the games we play. We don't lie about our motives, nor do we try to manipulate allies or lie to our enemies about our intentions. We won't tell you if we have summoners in your guild if we are at war, but we will finish any fight that is brought to us.