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Ghosts of War in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Ghosts of War is a guild formed in 2002 in the PvP MMO Shadowbane, and we've had Divisions on multiple games since that point.

Our members will be playing SW:TOR as Sith on the US-PvP-EST server “The Twin Spears”.

We consider ourselves a multi-platform gaming community and as such participate in various other games & formats from betatesting new MMO's to console gaming to FPS and RTS Ladders.

GoW tries to create a community based environment and we strive to give people a home that meets both their playstyle & schedule. When guild members are creating drama or causing issues (internally or outside the guild) we will attempt to resolve it, but when this is not possible they will be removed from the guild. Because of this we established a minimum age requirement of 18 or older. Exceptions are made from time to time, but this rule has cut the bullshit down to acceptable (and yes, even enjoyable) levels.

How we do things in game – so there are no surprises for anyone applying to guild or our new members still learning the ropes – we are a casual guild with elements from Hardcore to Nooblet, and we like it that way.

We'll take anyone at any gear level or level of experience, provided you pull your weight in whatever role you choose (or may be asked) to fill, and if you are willing to take advice to improve your performance in game. We will run multiple raid teams per week that are at various levels of progression and various levels of “hardcoreness” to accommodate both playstyle and skill level.

How? We base our raid makeup for all our raids on skill and attendance; in a word, PERFORMANCE. Not cliques, not who shows up first, not who made the GM angry or happy, or who is married to who IRL. All positions in a raid (with the exception of the raid leader) are up for grabs at any time, provided some requirements are met like Gearing, Spec, etc. We will create more raids as our roster grows to support the needs of as many as we can.

For example, if you want to get in a progression raid, you need to meet the requirements and be better than someone in that role currently, only then can you challenge to take that spot. Challenges are accepted or denied by the raid leader and reasons will be given for denial, and challenges will be accepted if evidence of at least equal performance can be provided. You can have great DPS and an amazing gear level, but if you stand in fires, fail at paying attention, miss more than 1 raid out of 5, or have attitude problems or attendance issues that cause issues in the raid, you probably won't make the cut, no matter how “l33tsauce” you are. If you have a crappy PC or connection and consistently DC causing wipes or deaths, don't bother.

We want people in our guild to help the guild AND themselves at the same time, not just stack achievements and gearscore for their own toon. If you join, we want ALL your toons, because we won't allow people from other guilds on alts (members of GoW or not) to raid when we have full members on main toons that need gear and experience that might get sat for it. You won't get on a raid team just by showing up, you'll need to challenge for spots (Unless there is a current opening) and if you don't outperform the person that is already there (in that role), you don't get on. You can challenge again after 4 weeks if you have improved enough to warrant the retrial.

We don't allow people to raid on alts in the core team raids. Slots for those raids are intended for people's mains that want to raid and progress.

We use a Suicide Kings variant for loot distribution. Why Suicide Kings? Simple. We want to reward people for showing up to raid regularly. This helps drive progression because people learn the fights, and they also gear up faster. We have a few KSK house rules we use. Please read and understand the basics of Suicide Kings before trying to understand the variant rules we put in place.

You can suicide on anything you can use mainspec that meets your classes requirements. This means you can't suicide on cloth as a leather wearer unless they allow it to go to a roll-off by not suiciding. You also can't suicide on gear for your offspec. If no one suicides on the cloth or offspec piece you can greed roll on it and whoever wins, wins. If it's an upgrade for a mainspec toon they should have suicided on it instead of risking losing it in a rolloff. There are no limits to how many times you can suicide in any raid period as long as the gear can be used immediately for your main spec.

If you suicide on or win a BoE in a roll, you must equip it immediately. If no one can use the BoE it goes in the guild bank for other main toons that need gear upgrades. If you suicide on a tiered piece or token, you must show that you can use it IMMEDIATELY. You cannot “have the badges” or “have the item in the bank”. Have it in inventory and show us the before and after.

If you don't respond to a raid invite in the calendar (unless you post on the forums or tell the raid leader in game) you will slide down (rot) 2 spaces on the table. If you respond to the invite but don't show up, or can't stay for the entire raid but take up a spot anyway (our raid times are fixed, don't screw a guild member that could have made the whole raid by taking his spot and then leaving early – just don't come), you rot 3 spaces on the table.

New members to the raid start at the bottom of the list. Keep in mind as people suicide on gear you move up quickly (potentially from the bottom to the top of the list in one raid period, more if downing more bosses).

Ventrilo is MANDATORY. Other Raid-Friendly addons will be considered and as they come out, this list will change.

Guild Ranks
Guild ranks are handled separately from raiding. People who help other guild members, that take on responsibilities for the betterment of the guild, and that go the extra mile will move up the chain of command. Officers and higher must have an authenticator installed (or whatever it will be caled) Also, we will never suffer from too many chiefs and not enough indians, because if you become inactive or stop carrying the weight that your rank requires, you will be demoted. GoW Command Hierarchy (http://www.gowgaming.com/showthread.php?2463-Guild-Structure) if you need the finer points.

We encourage people to idle in Vent and to socialize while in game. Many of us have been together for several years and are on first a name basis, and some have met IRL. We are a close knit bunch but encourage people to join us in our depravity. We don't want to be a clique and many people that have been added as members recently are just as active in vent as those that have been around for years. We encourage this mindset greatly.

We also encourage people to get active on our forums as we post all our combat logs, specs, and other things there, and it helps us keep in touch with people in the guild not currently playing a game with us. Challenges for raid spots must be issued in the challenge forum and will be addressed by the raid leader.

Raid Teams currently run:

Tuesday/Sunday - 8PM-11PM EST Tuesday, 4PM-7PM EST Sunday
Thursday/Monday - 7PM-10PM EST both days

If you are on a raid team, you are online and ready to raid (with your own stims & medpacks) at least 30 minutes before raid start.

In all things, Guild > PUGs, no questions asked.

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