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08-29-2011, 04:37 PM
Since there have been questions as to how GoW is run on an operational level, we'll clarify a few things.

As a guild with multiple divisions in multiple games, we in control of the guild felt a need to have oversight of them all while keeping our distance, but also to make sure our core values were being maintained and that control of each division was kept by founding members of the guild.

As such, we have multiple levels of command, and I'll do my best to explain them below.

The Warlord - Me. I'm the guy that wouldn't let a good thing die, so I took control about 9 years ago to keep people in touch after a rough patch in Shadowbane after the War server closed and the Corruption server was epic fail. I organize things and get to be the asshole when no one else wants to do it. Most of everything else we do by council vote of the Elders, or if it's in a specific game, it's the Division Lead and his Inner Council that make the call.

The Webmaster - Dreadan. He doesn't like to actually be elevated or told he's in charge of anything, but the reality is that what I don't do and what I don't pay for he does, from the website hosting and design to the occasional vent server update and maintenance.

The Council of Elders - This level is filled with the founding members of the guild from the War server in Shadowbane, as well as a few elite, loyal, and dedicated members who have spent 5+ years with us and made significant contributions to the GoW family, while maintaining the integrity - and being an example - of the core values the guild was founded on.

The Elders don't actually hold any rank in game, but we do play all the games and pass judgement on the Division Leaders and Inner Council of each game we play. If they do something they shouldn't do, that infringes on the guild's core values, or that just causes more drama than we need to put up with as adults, we slap them around a little. We are oversight, and we keep things in line. Quietly. Some of us will be Guild Leads, some Inner Council, some officers, or just grunts. We won't tell anyone what to do (unless it's our job in a particular game division), but we do keep people in line by voting in consensus on important topics, and we can recall a Division Leader if we don't like what they are doing to the guild in that game.

Division Leader - Guild leader for that particular game division. We're hands off on command decisions unless something is going on that goes against the core values, and the DL is free to assign as many IC and Officers as he or she sees fit to support the guild in that game, including setting raid teams and raid times. While we prefer DL's to be Elders, long-term members who are trusted and in good standing can serve this role as well.

Inner Council - The DL's Lieutenants. They make things happen, operate coverage when the DL isn't on, and are just as responsible for planning and implementation as the Division Lead, and should be his or her trusted advisers. A successful guild depends on active officers and IC to give it direction, involvement, and purpose.

Officers - This could be role specific or it could be general. Officers are intended to help manage the guild and get people motivated at the ground level, but also serve as Raid Leaders, Class or Role Captains, PvP organizers or Recruitment officers.

Veterans - Members that have been with the guild for over 1 year in one game or multiple games.

Members - Members that have proven themselves loyal and that are entitled to the rights and benefits of being a member of GoW.

Initiate - Members that passed the initial muster of recruitment and are now on trial to deliver that which they claimed in their application.

The Corner - You've been a bad boy, Timmy. Put on this hat and go sit over there, and face THE CORNER. No talking.