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11-29-2011, 08:55 PM
since ive already been accepted to the guild by knowing Lightly I figured I would still post up and answer the application questions because imo theyre good *get to know me* type questions and being the new guy here I need all attention on me and for you guys to love me <3

#1 What MMO experience do you have and what games are you currently playing? (MMO and otherwise)

I have been all around the MMO scene. Started back in the days of Runescape, played that til my character was all 99 in errything. Or should i say my bot played it til everything was 99 o.O. I quit that though and it was a couple years til I started playing WoW... played at the very end of vanilla WoW so I didnt get to do any raiding through that but I was right there as soon as Burning Crusade came out. One of the first on my server to 70 and didnt look back. Was in one of the top raiding guilds on my server playing as a Holy Priest and got to down all of the BC content as it got released. I played through WotLK but only went through Naxx, at that point the game had become too dumbed down as far as boss encounters and I didnt get that challenging feeling I did while raiding through Burning Crusade so I ended up quitting that game. Took a couple years off of MMOs in general and then picked up Rift because a friend started playing it and it looked interesting enough to me to try. But alas the same thing the raiding/end game content just wasnt there to hold my attention. Atm I'm not playing anything as far as MMOs. Just got finished up with this past weekends beta for SWTOR and it has me even more excited for this game!

#2a What are your characters names and levels in game?

in WoW my Priests name was Superscrub. In SWTOR my characters name will be Stafunoob and will be lvl 50 ;)

#2b What is your handle/name at the SW:TOR Website?


#3 Are you 18 years old or older?


#4 How long have you played MMO's?

I'd say around 3 years experience

#5 How long have you played the game that you are applying for membership on?

The weekend I've been playing TOR beta so...a couple days! :)

#6 What Guilds/Clans/Nations have you belonged to in the past?

WoW: toooooo many to keep track of

#7 How long were you in them and why aren't you still there?

i was in all of them for long periods of time just always ended up disbanding and reforming newer/better guilds because of drama/dissagreements. To think of it the same 5 of us stayed together all 3 years of WoW though, i miss those bros

#8 What did you like and/or dislike about the previous Guilds you were in?

I loved the just shooting the shit in vent and chilling out after long days at work and joking around but being able to get serious when it came raid time. I disliked the eventual drama that always came around (its inevitable unfortunately) but if your playing with a group of adults it is easily able to be resolved

#9 What kind of characters do you usually play? Caster, Tank, Support Toon, Scout etc....

I've mostly played healers. Main raided all through BC as a priest in WoW... played a Chloro Mage in Rift. That being said ive seen ALOT of bad tanks so in SWTOR im rolling tank. IMO and from what ive experienced tanks control the pace/how well the group does in an instance so I want to be in that control... speed instance runs anyone? ;)

#10 What drew you to apply to GoW? Were you referred by a current or past member?

I know Kevin Little (Lightly?) and a bunch of other guys he got to join the guild because of this game

#11 How long are you planning on being a GoWian? Are you willing to play multiple games or move games if we drop our support of a particular game division?

If a game looks fun and everyone is going to at least try it ill try it too. Im a gamer at heart, I dont just focus on one game for years and years. Ill have my main game (probably this) but ill play other games as they are released (Mass Effect 3, Bioshock Infinite, etc etc

#12 When do you usually play and for how long? Are you a weekend warrior? Night owl?

Honestly depends on my work schedule/what plans are, I dont work later than 9 eastern in the winter. Typically 4 days out of the week i come home and just play vidja games/chill out. And when I do its hours on end :P

#13 If the game you are applying for membership on has servers, what server do you play on?

Well ill be playing on whatever server the guild decides!

#14 What is your most memorable Raiding Experience?

It would either be when my guild was the server first to down Illidan, OR when we had a competition in the guild to see which group could clear Karazhan the fastest. Everyone else ran 2 tanks 2 healers, my group had the genius idea doing it with one tank and one healer (me) and we ended up clearing the whole place in 1hr17min ;)

#15 Are you willing to grind faction rep, professions, and instances to help get gear that will maximize your performance in
a raid environment?

What else am I going todo when Im max level? ;)

#16 Are you willing to spec your character to support the needs of the guild, and to take constructive criticism about your talent tree, gearing, and playstyle?

always open to suggestions as far as how my spec and stuff should be

#17 What role are you looking to fill that would make you happiest when you play?

I would LOVE to tank, but if we got enough of those types of bros ill be happy filling the role in other places if needed

#18 Have you preordered yet? If so, have you redeemed your preorder code on SWTOR.com?

pshhh heck yeaa

#19 About Me

I'm also from the Pittsburgh Area just like a bunch of people it seems in this guild (Butler to be exact). I work at the Home Depot here currently as a cashier but being promoted to Head Cashier here in a couple weeks, In the summer I work as the Pool Manager at the local pool here in Butler Also, its long stressful hours but I love what I do and its what gets me through it. Die hard Pens fan and all around sports enthusiast. I know how to have a good time and cant wait todo so with you guys ;)

11-29-2011, 09:52 PM
wtf? another home depotian? i can't hang out with you, i'm salaried.

no in all seriousness go to the swtor website and fire an app in there to theguild as well. don't need to fill it out, just let me know that it's you.

11-29-2011, 09:58 PM
Andy is abusing Home Depots job pool by using personal information to look for people who applied with any gaming references in their applications.

11-29-2011, 10:41 PM
hahah funny story is I did sneak in a gaming reference when I did apply and I already got an invite to it earlier before I made this post. Same username and such... I cant remember if it was you that shot me the inv or not.. if your the only one that CAN inv then it def was :P

11-29-2011, 11:23 PM
I probably invited ya. I'm invite happy like that.. they fucked up and let me have invite powers. Someone said they knew someone and I was like.. Oh cool here ya go... I'll be more vigilant next time... Beware!!!!

11-30-2011, 07:50 AM
Make sure you app on SWTOR so you get assigned to the same server the guild does.