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12-01-2011, 06:40 AM
1) I've played Shadowbane and World of Warcraft. A few other mmos (EVE, LOTRO) but only for a few weeks.

2a) I have a level 26 consular in the beta named Racquel if that is what you mean.

2b) My handle on Bioware's website is Rakshasaclaw.

3) yes, 28.

4) Been playing MMO's for nearly 6-7 years now.

5) Been in the closed beta since October, would have been sooner but I was on deployment.

6) Previously in GoW in WoW and FoE.

7) The guild in WoW left us for greener pastures on a different server, and all the players I played with in FoE quit that guild for a diasgreement on guild policy.

8) People weren't willing to tell me when I was being abrasive or offensive.

9) Usually play a tank or a caster. Occasionally DPS, but mostly tanks.

10) My little brother Wilsk has a mad hard-on for your guild and I don't really want to start TOR without a guild.

11) I would be willing to change games assuming TOR ever became not fun/interesting but I'm playing the future that far by ear still.

12) I'm assigned to a submarine still so I work late (till 1800 in Hawai'i) and play even later. I do play as much as I can on weekends I don't have duty. I could play in the morning up until like 0530 Hawai'i.

13) Eh, is this really applicable for a game not yet released? Cosmic Turbine/Iron Citadel for beta.

14) Doing 10 man Ulduar and beating Mmiron's hard modes and then newbs from FOE that can't handle the first few bosses in Ulduar trying to make my raid take them for free epics.

15) I hate grinds, but I do what I need to for raiding.

16) Yes. If I can't build my toon right, I'm always up for advice.

17) Usually tanking, but I really like the Sith Inquistor->Sorceror so I'll be going for healing.

18) Yes, and Yes.

19) I don't know you Goros!!! My little brother Wilsk fought to get re-invited to your guild and still wants to play with you for TOR. I played a Pally and a Rogue with Dyshutu and those clowns on Archimonde and they up and left us (changed servers without telling us) because I hurt someone's feeling and wouldn't just talk to me about it. I can be abrasive, but I do try stop if I realize I've crossed the line and actually offended someone. I've already applied for your guild on the TOR website. Oh and yes, all your pally does still belong to me even though I've quit WoW with no intentions of returning.

12-01-2011, 06:49 AM
We're good, pretty sure all is forgiven from that time period. Drama bad.

That is all.

12-02-2011, 07:29 AM
Wilsk was good peeps. I remember playing with him back in the day of the 'Bane. Besides, how can you not let in a tiger demon with backwards hands. Of course I guess now they are corrupted fallen angels so to speak....

Welcome back!