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02-07-2012, 11:00 PM
#1 What MMO experience do you have and what games are you currently playing? (MMO and otherwise)
Well to start it off, Im fairly newish to Raiding. I come from Aion and there was no real "hardcore" raids like you see in western MMO's. Not that I have no interest in it, My main game just didn't really have it. At the moment SW:TOR is my only MMO.

#2a What are your characters names and levels in game?
Soße - 44 Operative
Sobe - 36 Marauder
Bewbafett - 16? Merc(Never play this toon anymore)

#2b What is your handle/name at the SW:TOR Website?

#3 Are you 18 years old or older?
21 currently

#4 How long have you played MMO's?
Err Going on about 5 years now.

#5 How long have you played the game that you are applying for membership on?
Woot woot since release! lol

#6 What Guilds/Clans/Nations have you belonged to in the past?
Stim Vendors

#7 How long were you in them and why aren't you still there?
Since I came to SWTOR. Left yesterday due to Lead officer just up and left, and within a 5 day span highest count was 2 players. When a buddy came on he told me most had moved to other servers or republic. -_-

#8 What did you like and/or dislike about the previous Guilds you were in?
As long as its friendly, its all good :D And active. Hate being in guilds that have 3 people on at max at all times.

#9 What kind of characters do you usually play? Caster, Tank, Support Toon, Scout etc....
Usually a choice between scout, and heals. Usually have a capped toon for both. But kind of depends on games mechanics

#10 What drew you to apply to GoW? Were you referred by a current or past member?
Seen alot of GoW members around the server, and a few in PvP. Looks like a decently active guild. Also seems you would be a great help in learning to raid.

#11 How long are you planning on being a GoWian? Are you willing to play multiple games or move games if we drop our support of a particular game division?
I never "plan" to leave any guild lol, sometimes things happen i.e; Guild Changes(becomes dead), massive disagreements, etc. Multiple games, etc is no problem usually play more than 1.

#12 When do you usually play and for how long? Are you a weekend warrior? Night owl?
Being military this question is kind of a pain lol. I also have a newborn child. I usually manage nights, after work, and quite a bit on weekends at night.

#13 If the game you are applying for membership on has servers, what server do you play on?
The Twin Spears

#14 What is your most memorable Raiding Experience?
Haven't yet raided :D

#15 Are you willing to grind faction rep, professions, and instances to help get gear that will maximize your performance in a raid environment?
Coming from a Korean grindfest, lol that is nothing new :D

#16 Are you willing to spec your character to support the needs of the guild, and to take constructive criticism about your talent tree, gearing, and playstyle?
Yup, Whatever it takes to be the best, no reason to continue being crappy lol.

#17 What role are you looking to fill that would make you happiest when you play?
Dps, Heals typically.(If i'm taking the question the right way...lol)

#18 What are you looking for from GoW that prompted this application?
Just a good place to call home. Laid back, but not rampant, reckless people just off about doign their own thing never willing to help.

#19 About Me
Hmm, Well as before, I'm 21, Happily married with a newborn son. Been in the military since I was 17. 11B(infantry). I'm typically used to Grinding gear, and heavy PvP.

02-08-2012, 01:28 AM
Looks good to me, I'm sure Goros will be by soon to check it over.

02-08-2012, 07:06 AM
App looks great. Find an officer in game and get tags.

Welcome aboard.

02-08-2012, 12:02 PM
Thanks for the accept :D will be on after work