View Full Version : How is GoW still around?

04-26-2006, 11:17 AM
I like to think it's because we treat our members like friends & family. Part of what I've noticed causes the most strife and conflict in the internal workings of Guilds and Gaming Communities is conflicts of ego or pride between the leadership and members, or worse yet the leadership itself.

We try to put the needs of our members ahead of the wants of our upper management, and while we have had in the past and still have our difficulties, we work through them because we realize that pride and ego only serve one thing, and it isn't what's best for the Guild.

The members of the community make the guild what it is, the leadership just organizes and gives a direction and ground rules on how to make the guild better, more professional, and of a higher class than the competition. We are also flexible and able to change and rise above challenges, because to be concrete is to break when under high amounts of stress.

This is what's kept us together since the beginning of SB in March of 2003, and hopefully what will keep us together for a long time to come.