• Crowfall!!

    Get Excited and Get in on the Ground floor! Alot of us are already excited about this game read on

    The Conquest of Auroria Begins this November 4th

    Two thousand years ago, the citizens of Auroria fled their homeland after a catastrophic war. read on
  • “Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the Ghosts of War…”

    Apparently we have a catchy......catchphrase. Atleast that's what the judges thought for the Guild Identity Competition held on the SWTOR forums by Bloodpool. We won first place for the Sith entries.

    You can check out all the winners over on TORWars.

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    1. Ardhiel's Avatar
      Ardhiel -
    1. Brambles's Avatar
      Brambles -
      We should change it to this!
    1. Jumping's Avatar
      Jumping -
      OH NOOOO!!!!! Not the waffles!!!!
    1. Jinna's Avatar
      Jinna -
      This rocks hippy. Thanks for posting this.
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