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  • New SWTOR PvP Zone Revealed: Outlaw's Den

    While visiting BioWare Austin during the second Star Wars: The Old Republic Fan Summit, Lead PvP Designer Gabe Amatangelo unveiled a brand new gameplay area to us – which we are now able to reveal.

    If you listened to our “Unpodcast” from the Summit, this is the “super secret thing” that we wished we could talk about. Ladies and Gentlemen, join us now as we unveil OUTLAW’S DEN.

    What Is It?
    Outlaw’s Den is an open world, non-instanced, free-for-all PvP area found on Tatooine.
    Amatangelo began the presentation by saying that Outlaw’s Den is a place where “Guild can fight guild and parties can fight parties.” Guilds will want to organize events here and face off against their rivals.

    That isn’t to say solo players can’t make their way into the environment but they may want to secretly infiltrate and get in and out of the ‘Den as quickly as possible.

    What Does It Look Like?
    Photos weren’t allowed and media wasn’t provided so I’ll just have to describe it to you. The color scheme and environment are typical of Tatooine. Lots of rust-colored stone and golden sand abounds (and the sand is presumably coarse and annoying). Bones of long-dead creatures litter the ground.

    The ‘Den itself is set in a canyon surrounded by high walls of red stone. Amatangelo stated that when coming upon the area from the outside visual clues will tell players they are approaching a dangerous environment. Foreboding environmental clues such as jagged outcroppings and piles of bones will warn the faint of heart. As you enter the ‘Den a warning clearly appears across your screen stating that you have entered a free-for-all PvP zone.

    You’ll find lots of “nooks and crannies,” as Amatangelo called them, to battle in and around. Elevated dirt pathways are scattered along the canyon walls. Snipers and Smugglers may find these paths to their liking as they afford a nice view of the canyon floor.

    There are a number of buildings set into the ground and vaporators can be seen rising from the earth (much like the Skywalker homestead seen in the films.) At least one of these homes featured a walled pit outside where players could presumably have fun facing off against each other in a gladiatorial fashion.

    A good amount of Tusken Raider-style huts and tents can be found. Inside some of the tents and huts power-ups sit, ready to aid combatants.

    Somewhat strangely, there is a central building which houses a Galactic Trading Market. There are no safe zones within Outlaw’s Den so you’ll be taking your life in your hands when browsing the auction house.

    Rules? There Are No Rules!
    The “free-for-all” designation means Outlaw’s Den offers player-vs.-player gameplay at its rowdiest. Republic players can fight Republic players, Empire may battle fellow Empire-ites. Pure Lawless abandon.

    Why Do We Fight?
    Other than the excitement and fun that can be found in a free-for-all PvP environment why will players be drawn to the ‘Den?

    For starters, maximum-level crafting resource nodes can be found here and will surely be prized and fought over.

    Rare chests randomly spawn and inside them one can obtain Mercenary Commendations and credits.

    A “Rare Spawn” vendor named Battlelord Bleurg will occasionally appear with special items for sale at his kiosk. We got a quick glance at the stock and I saw green, blue and purple level items for sale. I was unable to see what the items actually were but Amatangelo says they are mostly “showy.” Presumably that means cool, cosmetic gear.

    Somewhat surprisingly (and perhaps controversially) the “Rare Spawn” vendor can be killed. Gabe’s character reached inside a tent and clicked on the Battlelord’s private stash of hooch. The vendor went into a rage and attacked. If you kill the vendor he won’t respawn again “for some time.” Yes, you can buy up all of the rare goodies for yourself and kill the seller afterward. Everyone else is out of luck for a long while. Glorified griefing or simple Dark Side fun?

    That’s about all we got out of Amatangelo regarding Outlaw’s Den. I hope you enjoyed this first look at SWTOR’s exciting new PvP combat canyon. Tell us what you think of what’s been described in the comments below.

    source: http://torwars.com/2011/11/18/new-sw...d-outlaws-den/