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How It All Began

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  • How It All Began

    How it all began...

    Shadowbane goes to public release on March 25, 2003. The future founding members of The Ghosts of War roll their characters on the War server - a beta server where DHL (Death Head Legion) and PC (Purity Council) have already established footholds to control the server. B&I (Blood & Iron), TFA (The Fallen Angels), and DoMH (Defenders of Mithril Hall) all begin the game of politicking and positioning for dominance and security on the server.

    Most of the founders meet up in the Defenders of Mithril Hall, led by Drizzt at the time and begin the crew that would eventually become GoW. Drizzt and his IC step down after being crushed by DHL and the guild re-forms under the name of The Commonwealth (TCW). TCW gets crushed and reforms under Yanny as Weavers of Fate (WoF). This is the last carebear incarnation of the guild.

    B&I betrays the truce with WoF and destroys the capital city for not joining their war against TFA. GoW members play under the Unbound and Black Mass guild tags until the server closes.

    On October 30, 2003, the Corruption Server goes live and the Ghosts of War is officially founded, named after the original server the founding members came together on (name suggested by Oneo).

    GoW moved to Cataclysm and teamed up with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and then moved to the Entropy server upon its release where GoW captured and controlled the central “Undead Island” for the duration of the servers’ existence.

    Notable accomplishments from our stint on Entropy included forcing Ubisoft to remove guard dogs from the game and forcing Barracks to be attached to a Tree of Life inside a city perimeter due to surrounding both the Runegate and the Open Tree on the island with tons of guards, preventing other guilds from using the island for their own purposes. We also had one of the only cities to never be defeated in a bane on the server.

    Since GoW’s foundation in Shadowbane, the guild has played over 30 MMO’s and participated in over 20 closed alpha and beta tests.

    Cry "Havoc!" and let slip the Ghosts of War...