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    The 10 Commandments

    #1 – Have Fun. We are here to play games and enjoy ourselves with our friends. If you can’t do that, why bother?

    #2 – Respect. This is self-explanatory and speaks for itself. We aren’t going to waste time spelling it out.

    #3 – Discipline. You follow the chain of command. You follow orders, regardless of agreeing with it at the time or not. You don’t lose it in public. You keep the well oiled machine in top condition.

    #4 – Honor. We don’t Hack, Exploit or Cheat the system. We aren’t l33tz0rz. We follow our word as a nation. If we say we’re going to be there, we are. If we say something in public, it reflects on us as a nation. We don’t lie, we don’t do the political spin thing, and we HATE people who do. We’ve destroyed entire nations and guilds before for this, publicly humiliating them and destroying their assets.

    #5 – Loyalty. We are GoW, to the end, for life, for good or for bad. If you play a game we have an active division in, we expect you and all your characters in that game to be with us if you have one. We also stick up for our members in the public eye and we handle discipline internally.

    #6 – We’re a Team. We play the game and expect to win not through the superior numbers of the zerg, but through tactical coordination and rigid combat discipline.. winning is about skill with your numbers, not your numbers on the field. Follow the orders of the group leader and target caller, and stay with the group and victory will be yours.

    #7 – We’re a Family. We do whatever we can to help our members. We don’t sell items or gear to our guidlies, and we watch our guildies backs. We give them the gear they need, and if they need help with something and we’re available, we do it. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the greater good. We also don’t want people selling items in public when someone in the guild might need something. Don’t go bankrupt, but remember, your team is only as good as the sum of its parts +1. Sometimes good friends are more important than being the most uber peeps on the block.

    #8 – We DO NOT Talk Smack. Sending whispers of good job, nice fight, and the like are acceptable. Sending messages that we pwn’d the piss out of joo or you haxxored are not acceptable. If you can’t say something constructive, shut your mouth.

    #9 – We DO NOT Board Warrior . Each Division has a representative assigned to monitor the public forums for the game they play and to speak for GoW as a whole. This means we don’t allow our members to post their opinions on matters when it can effect the politics and policies of the guild or make us look like a bunch of liars, whiny n00bs, or asshats in general. Posting on character development boards and other boards is acceptable, again provided you don’t make us look like a bunch of hypocrites.

    #10 – Voicecomm, Slack and Forum use is MANDATORY. If you cannot be in channel when you are in game, there had better be a good reason. If its too loud, get a headset. We will base promotions off of your participation in-game, on the forums, and your consistent presence in voicecomms. Your actions in game speak volumes, but we want to make sure you're with us 100% when you're playing.

    Cry "Havoc!" and let slip the Ghosts of War...