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Configuring Slack (So Your Phone Doesn't Explode)

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  • Configuring Slack (So Your Phone Doesn't Explode)

    First, request Slack access by posting in the Slack Thread

    We'll send you an invite. Once you are in on the web version, download slack for PC from Slack directly and install it for pc, or download it from our Integrated Slack Dropbox.

    After you get it all configured, we'll make sure you are in the loop on whatever we have going as a guild - from livestreams to team events to RL meetups, gatherings, and group vacations.

    Then load it on your phone, and change the notifications to Push only DM's or highlight words, and then choose which channels you want to have your phone notify you of.

    Cry "Havoc!" and let slip the Ghosts of War...