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  • FS Application

    #1 What was your first MMO?
    City of Villains and Heroes

    #2 How long have you played MMO's for?
    Since 2005 with the release of City of Villains

    #3 What guilds have you been in and why aren't you there? The most recent 2-3 is sufficient, but if you have been in some older, memorable ones let us know that, too!
    Quit AA about 2 years ago and am just looking to get back into it, never really had a guild I was with for AA back then.

    #4 Are you 18 years old or older?

    #5 Have you ever played an open Open PvP MMO before? (Ultima Online, Shadowbane, Darkfall, ArcheAge, etc)
    Played AA before as well as Black Desert

    #6 What kind of characters do you usually play? Caster, Tank, Support Toon, Scout etc....
    I'm currently a 51 Skullknight, I enjoy being a tanky somewhat dps'er

    #7 What is your most memorable Gaming Experience?
    100%ing Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Afterbirth. Took lots of time and patience

    #8 What role are you looking to fill that would make you happiest when you play?
    PvP tank and possibly PvE tank if someone could guide me on it, as I have little experience in AA tanking for PvE

    #9 What are you looking for from GoW that prompted this application?
    An active group that is focused on fun and PvP

    #10 About Me
    26, work part time as a bank teller, have 2 cats and live with my girlfriend. Game every single night that I can

  • #2
    Where did your name come from sir? What makes you want to purple for packs?

    Cry "Havoc!" and let slip the Ghosts of War...